White Tank Engagement Photos by Kaci Lou Photography

White Tank Engagement Photos – Taylor and Alex

White Tank Regional Park is one of my favorite places to take photos because it is unbelievably beautiful! There is beautiful desert and gigantic rock formations. We had fun climbing, well just Alex did while Tayler and I watched. He climbed up part of the dry waterfall! He could be spiderman! We got to watch a beautiful sunset while some tiny bats started to fly around and whistle at us.  These two are so sweet and kind. They are adorable together, if you don’t believe me you can scroll down 🙂

How they fell in love as told by Taylor-

It’s actually kind of crazy how we met. One of his good friends and I worked together and became friends and through that Alex found me on Instagram. About 2 years after he followed me, when I was single, he messaged me one night and here we are today. It’s crazy when our paths crossed because before we ever met, we realized that we only lived half a mile from each other. We went to rival high schools, he worked at a few restaurants my family always went to (never ever saw him) and we went to the same church camp 2 years in a row and he was in the same group as some of my friends but we never met. I instantly fell for him the first night we talked on the phone. We talked until about 3 am and I knew he was the one after hearing him talk about his goals in life and how easy it was to laugh with him, and when I found out how much he loves baseball (major bonus 😉)

He proposed to me the night I graduated from college at GCU. I was having a graduation party and towards the end of the night everyone went into the front room to take family pictures. The last picture I took was just with Alex and I and as I was walking away after the picture he grabbed my hand and turned me around and got on one knee. In the background was the song “Its your love” by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. He chose that song because the first time he came home when we started dating (he was in the navy and was stationed in Lemoore, California) we went out with friends and sang that song at a bar for karaoke night which was super terrifying but so much fun doing that with him.

The thing I’m most looking forward to on our wedding day is sharing the day with our friends and family and starting off our lives together surrounded by love. Im excited to start this journey of life together and to continue to grow as a couple and build a family. I know marriage isn’t easy but with God at the center I know everyday with Alex is and will continue to be a blessing.

My favorite part of the shoot was how much fun it was. I’m not going to lie, I was nervous on the way there because I didn’t want it to be awkward (I’m not good in front of a camera) so I was afraid. But once we got there it was just like we were on an adventurous date. It didn’t feel like we were doing an engagement shoot because Kaci made it relaxed and was really good at making us feel comfortable!


Alex’s favorite part- I enjoyed the whole shoot. But I especially enjoyed getting to kiss Taylor non stop. I also enjoyed how easy it was to understand what Kaci was asking of us and how well we got along with her


Thank you so much for going on an adventure with me! I am so excited for you two to get married!!!

Kaci Lou