White Sheer Bridal Flats by Betsey Johnson

Shoes for the Outdoor Bride

I am avoiding doing actual work so I thought I would look up some cute shoe options for my brides! Here are the top 10 I cam across, from boots to barefoot to custom Etsy made options 🙂 these are clickable too if you fall in love! Let me know your favorite in the comments below or if you have any to add to the list!


1) Tan Doc Martins-So cute for getting married in the mountains
Tan Hiking boots for outdoor wedding bride

2) Love the wool on the ankle- this would be adorable for a winter wedding

Hiking Boots for Outdoor Wedding Bride


3) If you need to keep your legs warm fashionably-you would have to put these on before your wedding dress ha

Boots for outdoor wedding bride
4) Boots for getting married in the snow!

Boots for outdoor wedding bride
5) I love this tan boot color-keeping the shoes light will match better with a white/light colored dress but pops of color can be fun!

Tan boot for outdoor wedding bride

6) Love the leaf inspiration of these wedding flats from Betsey Johnson

White Sheer Bridal Flats by Betsey Johnson

7) For warmer weather like getting married on the beach. I have had brides wear these while they are getting ready, then switch to heels.

Bridal Flats for Beach Wedding

8) So cute for a beach wedding!

Bridal Beach Foot Wear

9) Custom Wedding Toms-What does Etsy not have…LOVE THESE. Get your love story painted on your shoe!

Custom Wedding Bridal Toms

10) Custom Wedding Converse-You can get these blinged out, or stitched on or painted on, anything you can imagine!

Custom Wedding Bridal Converse Shoe

These are affiliate links in the images so I get credit if you do end up getting them, but no extra charge to you.

Kaci Lou