Sahauro Ranch Park Anniversary Photos

Sharay and Leo Anniversary Photos – Sahuaro Ranch Park

Happy Anniversary to Sharay and Leo (on the 25th)! I am so grateful that these two took a chance on me and let me photograph their wedding a year ago. I’ve definitely grown a lot since then and have become more confident in my photography style and vision. You can check out their beautiful wedding post here

Some big events happened over the last year, but nothing phased their hearts. They still look at each other as lovingly as they did when I took their engagement photos (another shameless plug for that post here). I’d even say they are even more gorgeous together now than when I first met them. These two are beautiful inside and out. They always make me feel awesome and support me so much in building my business. I hope I can return the favor as they are planning their big dreams 🙂

We met at Historic Sahuaro Ranch Park for these photos. I was so excited to see Sharay in this cute little, white dress. It is perfect for an anniversary session; especially once you know the story behind it. After 2 weeks of dating, Leo invited Sharay on a trip to California with him. Her family was a bit worried about her leaving the state to stay with a guy she just started dating…but she followed her heart. That trip is when Leo knew she was special! Road trips tend to do that to couples I suppose; my husband says it was our first road trip to Arizona that made him realize I was the one. Sharay had gotten the dress for the trip but never found the right time to wear it. Not then, not when the got engaged, not even when they were married. This was her first time wearing it! She looks just stunning and I like how it is white like a bridal gown, but short and fun 🙂


Someone wanted a photo opp…we call this peacocking haha

Congrats on 1 year you two! Let’s make this last forever <3

Kaci Lou