Billy and Paige Papago Park Engagement Photos by Kaci Lou Photography Arizona Wedding Photographer

Paige and Billy – Papago Park, Phoenix Engagement Photos

I laid eyes on these two amidst a heat wave in Phoenix at Papago Park. Which could very well be the cool spring and palm tree cluster of a desert mirage. I thought to myself, these two look so gorgeous (seriously) and are so in love. I loved photographing their romance and amazing dance chemistry!


“My favorite part of the session was the whole thing! you did a great job of making the session low pressure and enjoyable. I really appreciate that you were open to our ideas and willing to have fun and be silly with us! Also loved that you were open to allowing Baci to participate!” -Paige

“Billy said he loved watching me “you’re so pretty” “magical”. “Making memories that we can look back at and keeping in mind that out of all the seconds if we only need to capture one small moment to make it magical. He also said he appreciated how relaxed it was and that you gave great cues!”

Here is their love story <3


From Paige-

“I met Billy one day at my crossfit gym. He made us do burpees and rope climbs; I can’t say that it was love at first burpee.

It wasn’t until a few weeks later that I began to realize what a special guy he was. We went country dancing a few times and there were definitely sparks! I think my heart fell for him those next few weeks, but it would take a while for my mind to recognize that I’d been hoodwinked.

Then he moved to Seattle to be close to his two boys Kellyn & Merik. I knew that I would miss him but I had no idea to what extent. I found myself thinking about him and wondering just what my life could be if I moved to a new city with a man I hardly knew just to take a chance on love. Well… I made the leap and moved across country to be with a man I had only known for a few months.


I remember very vividly the moment I knew I would spend my life with Billy. It was the day I met Kellyn & Merik for the first time. We met at a beach, had a picnic and played in the water for hours. The boys were laughing and splashing and I remember looking over at Billy as he played with them and the love in his eyes was overwhelming. He climbed out of the water, grabbed my hand and we jumped off the dock into the chilly water together.

Sounds cheesy I know; I wouldn’t blame you if you’re a little nauseas right now. But the truth is our story has been one of ups & downs and sideways slants and crazy adventures but the overwhelming feeling of love and constant laughter assures me that this is the love story of a lifetime.”

Straight out of a movie I tell ya! Always follow your heart (and take the leap together!)


From Billy

“It was a connection of friendship that took place right away. We were able to talk, laugh, play, and share everything, like we had known each other from a past life. When we first started to country dance together and our minds & bodies moved in sync, it was inevitable.

People ask, how do you find the love of your life? My answer is that it should be easy, because love is the greatest attribute between two humans.”


“We are looking forward to making incredible memories with our friends and family during the wedding week of our dreams in cancun! Everyday together is an adventure and we are always seeking new ways to learn about each other and challenge ourselves to be the best we can as people and as a couple.”


Thank you so much for getting in front of my camera. I feel so inspired by your love story and perspective on love! Marriage is the best! I am so excited for you two to get married and wish you the most happiness!

Kaci Lou