Moonlight Beach California Photos Kaci Lou Photography

Moonlight Beach, California Photos-My Family

This shoot was such a dream. I love the ocean soooooo much I can’t even express it!  I cannot get over these moonlight beach photos, so jealous of the people that live right there and get to enjoy this everyday! One day I will live close to the ocean…one day…

Moonlight Beach California Photos Kaci Lou Photography

Vacationing in Encinitas, California was so much fun! My brother in law was getting married that week at the San Diego temple so we were all in the same place. Literally, my family, my 2 sister-in-laws with their family, my father in law and his parents all stayed in an adorable house just 6 minutes from the beach (thanks airbnb!) . It was so cool to stay together so all the kids could play with their cousins and we could coordinate our plans and meals. I am an introvert though so at one point I had to sneak off to the beach bright and early for a couple hours of quiet time :).

For this photo shoot, I was able to convince everyone to wake up at 5AM, they didn’t even complain that much :p. I wanted to get there at sunrise but we ended up leaving later and started taking photos about 45 minutes after sunrise. It was so gorgeous still though! Plus, no one was there besides surfers in the water, which were easy to photoshop out if they were distracting.

Lucky enough, my daughter had this beautiful denim dress and white sweater (which my hubby picked out, doesn’t he have great taste?!). I coordinated the rest of our outfits based on that with the color scheme white, tan, and denim to match the tones of Moonlight Beach. My dress is from Ross, my son’s outfit and my husband’s shirt are from Burlington Coat Factory. The rest we already owned.

My son did not want to cooperate, at all haha. He is not a morning person and it was a little cold that early on the windy seashore. I wish we could get one of all of us facing forward but kids will be kids. I think my daughter was just hungry. She wasn’t a fan of me photographing the other families instead of holding her either <3

Credit to my husband and sister-in-law that took these photos for me! They turned out beautiful! I may have gone a bit overboard with adding the pink sky but I love it!

Moonlight Beach Photos:

Pro-tip: For family photos pick 3-5 main colors then mix and match between family members. Layers and accessories are your friend! They add depth to the photo. I wish I would have had a tan belt for this dress. I had a light blue scarf but it was so big I didn’t want to wear it ha. Also blend in with the background unless you are deliberately going for juxtaposition. It would be weird to wear

Moonlight Beach California Photos Kaci Lou Photography

Love, Kaci Lou

Moonlight Beach California Portraits Kaci Lou Photography

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