Kristen and Jorge Lake Pleasant Engagement Photos by Kaci Lou Photography Arizona Wedding Photographer-9961

Kristen and Jorge-Lake Pleasant Engagement Photos

We had an amazing time at Lake Pleasant! These two were a joy to photograph and warmed up quickly to my fun, yet different methods of posing 🙂 They braved the cold water and armies of bugs for some beautiful images!


Here is their love story <3
“Spring of 2016 I knew I was moving to Arizona for the following school year as I had accepted a job as a Speech Therapist for the 2016-2017 school year in Phoenix. That summer I decided to go back on some of the dating apps and switch my profile to Phoenix to see if there was anyone interesting out there I could start talking to. Sometime in July I started talking with Jorge on Coffee Meets Bagel. His profile was intriguing, especially one picture of him dancing and looking like he was having the time of his life! We eventually exchanged numbers and started talking more via text. I remember texting a lot, especially the week I arrived in town. Talking came so easy and we seemed to have a lot in common. I specifically remember finding out he enjoyed going to musicals and that he played the saxophone while my parents and I were on a target run. I also play the saxophone, so even though he only played in elementary school and I played through college, it was fun to find out. We decided to meet up for dinner at Culinary Dropout, which was his suggestion since I had just moved to town and had no idea where to go. I was super nervous, of course, as he was the first person I met in Arizona. When I walked into the restaurant, I saw him waiting and was so glad he looked like the person in his profile (I always worry about that). We sat down and ordered drinks. The conversation came pretty natural. We finished dinner and got up to play some ping pong. At the end of the night, I was happy to have met him and thought he had potential. As we are walking out he goes, I have to share one more thing, “the little girl in the profile is my daughter”. I don’t remember what my face looked like or what I said, but I know my next thought was, “Sure, we had a good time, but I’m not ready to be a step-mom!” It wasn’t a part of my plan. And I’ll let Jorge take over from here…

We had had such a nice time that I told her about Savannah because I wanted her to be aware of what she was possibly getting into. She wasn’t sure what to do with the information, but we kept talking and decided that dating was not in the cards in the moment. Over the following months we developed an amazing friendship and she got to know me and Savannah even better. I realized that what we were looking for was each other. That she didn’t like me despite having a daughter, but because it showed the type of man and father that I am, and because she came to love Savannah for the amazing girl she is.”


“I felt pretty early on in our dating relationship we decided this could work forever. Since we had the chance to get to know each other as friends first, out relationship grew pretty quickly compared to most.” -Kristen

“By the time January of 2017 came around we realized that we both wanted to finally give ourselves the chance of having a relationship. Having been friends allowed us to instantly connect and things progressed quickly. By March I was moved in, by the summer I knew I wanted to marry you, and by Christmas break I gathered the courage to ask.” -Jorge

At the session we talked about how she was still looking for someone and kept thinking to herself…if only I could find someone like Jorge so there was her answer!


“On our wedding day, I am looking forward to seeing his reaction to my dress. For our marriage, I am looking forward to spending my life with someone who was raised similarly and works as hard as I do. I am especially looking forward to raising Savannah and our own children together.” -Kristen

“I’m looking forward to being surrounded by close friends and family as I commit myself to this lovely girl I’ll be fortunate enough to come home to every night.” -Jorge


Their favorite part of the session-
“My favorite part was probably when you said, “now pretend you are drunk and walk toward me hand in hand” -Kristen

“Dipping our feet in the cool water.” -Jorge

I don’t think Kristen liked that part, but Jorge got to hold her extra close and carry her so I think that was a win-win.


Thank you both for getting in front of my camera! I wish you the most happiness in your marriage and your new little family 🙂

Kaci Lou