Oak Creek Canyon Sedona Engagement Photos

Kellsey and Liz – Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona Engagement Photos

This was an amazing escape from the heat. I loved driving up to Sedona with my windows down. I so enjoying the wonderful fresh air! We had a couple of hiccups- it was so busy on Saturday, we had to wait forever for parking! I had no cell reception so I couldn’t call them to park somewhere else. But it was an such a fun little getaway and I loved spending it with these beauties.


Here is their love story as told by Liz-
” I was single and had been for 2 years, and Liz hadn’t really seen anyone else since I broke her heart in 2012. We realized that we still really liked each other, and after just a couple weeks of dating and talking, Liz admitted to me that she was in love with me, and had been since we met back in 2011. I was much slower to fall, and much slower to admit it, and even slower to make a commitment to Liz, but she has always been very patient with me.

Our first real date was about a month after we reconnected, and I took her to go camping at Mt. Lemmon in Tucson. I really think that camping trip is what made our relationship possible. We learned so much about each other during that short weekend, and it was the first time we got to spend that much quality time together, just us. Liz is really close with her family, so before that weekend Liz and I hadn’t spent a whole lot of time alone, and experiencing us as a couple, without others around really helped us to develop into an actual couple.”


“Liz knew from the get-go that she wanted to marry me, but for a while, I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to get married at all. On top of that, Liz and I come from very different backgrounds, so every day has been a balancing act and an opportunity to learn about each other and our cultures. Liz’s family is Mexican, and she came to the US when she was 2; her dad was a mechanic before he retired, and her mom works in the fields, both are illiterate and have only a partial elementary school education. Meanwhile, my biological dad immigrated to the US from Norway when he was 17 to become a pilot, and my mom has a Master’s degree in Anthropology and works as an archaeologist for the federal government. We each bring a unique experience into our relationship, and we have both learned how to navigate each other’s worlds. I think that’s one of the things that makes our relationship so beautiful. We have decided to stay together because of the beauty we each feel within our mixed relationship. We both learn and grow so much together, and a lot of that is because of each other. We want to continue learning and growing with each other, and we want to raise a beautifully multi-cultural family together, whatever that may look like as we age. We have discovered that although life is good without each other, life is even better when we are together.


“For the wedding day, what we are looking forward to the most is being able to proudly share our love and relationship with our friends and families. Liz and I aren’t typically fancy people, so Liz is really excited to see me wearing an elegant white dress. What I’m looking forward to the most, as an individual, is writing my vows and sharing them with my Love. I’m a writer, and I believe that so much emotion can be shared and expressed through words, and Liz usually gets shy and awkward when I try telling her how I deeply feel, so this will be a moment when I get to tell her everything and she will have to stand there in front of everyone and digest the love I have to share with her.”

That is so beautiful! I wish I was better at expressing myself. We wrote our own vows as well, but they are more like bullet points, still wonderful though!


“Liz and I are looking forward to camping trips and adventures together for the rest of our lives. We’re still unsure about having kids, because we both have nieces and nephews that we are helping to raise, so we want to make sure they all grow up strong and successful, before we bring more smiling faces into the world. In the meantime, our furbabies will be children a-plenty for us. We are excited to see where our lives take us and what we will get to share and experience together. And personally, I’m looking forward to a lot more meals cooked by my wonderful soon-to-be wifey.”


My favorite part about the engagement photo shoot with Kaci was how comfortable she made us. Liz does not like having her picture taken at all, and was actually hoping I would cancel the shoot, but Kaci really helped to bring out the natural and loving side of both Liz and myself. Liz’s favorite part was how much her face hurt from smiling during and after the shoot; she still felt the shoot was a bit awkward, but I think that Kaci is such a great photographer because she was able to help Liz feel a tad more relaxed than I think she would have been with another photographer. We both really loved the location and how absolutely beautifully Kaci was able to capture the natural beauty surrounding us, and the beauty and love between Liz and me.


Thank you both for braving the awkwardness and getting in front of my camera! I had a wonderful time giggling and enjoying the beautiful scenery. I wish you the most happiness in your marriage!

Kaci Lou