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Back in July, we took an awesome road trip to Utah for a family reunion. We stopped at the Grand Canyon on the way. It is funny that I grew up in the Grand Canyon state of Arizona, but never went until I lived in another state! I live in Arizona again and this was my second time there. Here are some photos of my gorgeous cousin and her parents at the Grand Canyon-

Grand Canyon-Arizona Senior PhotographerGrand Canyon Anniversary AZ Wedding Photographer

It was such a beautiful scenic drive to the actual rim of the Grand Canyon; long-winding roads through meadows and pine trees. After the entrance, we saw a herd of buffalo on the first curve. Then it lightly sprinkled and I had to roll the windows down to smell the cool, mountain rain air. It would be so neat to stay a few nights in the cute little lodges there!

Grand Canyone Lodge

Grand Canyon Lodge Photo

Here is a picture of my family watching us from a room of safety as we ventured to the edge of the Grand Canyon!

Grand Canyon Viewing Window

Tips for visiting the Grand Canyon-

Be prepared for all weather. We went in the middle of the day and it rained, it was cold, then it was hot and sunny. Bring a coat, boots/tennis shoes, sunglasses and lots of sunscreen

It is windy! Hats will fly off unless you have them tied to your head.

It is fun to stop on the way to Utah, but leave plenty of time to explore! This would be such a fun little vacation to do a mule hike or go down to Havasu FallsGrand Canyon, Arizona PhotoGrand Canyon, Arizona PhotoGrand Canyon Arizona Senior Photo

Grand Canyon Arizona Senior Photo

Grand Canyon Senior Photo

That full 1PM sun…so bright!

Grand Canyon Arizona Senior PhotoGrand Canyon Arizona Senior Photo

My brother and I got lost for a bit after this because everybody else only looked at the Grand Canyon for a couple minutes. I was in my own little photography world there! I wanted to go hiking and take a million photos. We found them by the car eventually and drove off to find a picnic table.

Grand Canyon Photo

Grand Canyon PhotoGrand Canyon Engagement Photo

I would love to shoot here more often, where are my adventurous couples at?



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